Frost Science Museum

An Educational Adventure

The Frost Science Museum is a brand-new addition to Downtown Miami's Museum Park. Opening on May 8, 2017, the museum will explore the science beyond natural ecosystems, the human mind and body, the mechanics of flight, and other elements on the frontier of innovation and technology. The museum features both a planetarium and an aquarium, along with a host of other exhibits.

The Frost Planetarium uses a 16-million-color 8K projector, surround sound, and a vast dome screen to send its audience on dazzling journeys through space. The planetarium is one of the most innovative of its kind in the US and will surely present stunning displays. The museum's three level aquarium takes you from the surface of South Florida's seas to the depths at the bottom of the water. The exhibit includes diverse fish, like mahi-mahi, hammerhead sharks, and stingrays. Other exhibits at the museum include Feathers to the Stars, a history of flight from the ground to space, while Seeing: What Are You Looking At? explores how eyes, brains, and robots see.

The Frost Science Museum will be an excellent place for families and future scientists to spend an afternoon. Tickets are available for purchase now and include admission to one Frost Planetarium show. Current Planetarium shows are "Asteroid: Mission Extreme 3D" and "Dynamic Earth." Memberships are also available. While you explore the magic of science and nature, our hotel near the Frost Museum will present you with the utmost in luxury accommodations.