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InterContinental Miami, a true monument to art and luxury, is capturing the pulse of the New Miami – global, sophisticated, luxurious, artistic and edgy. For 40 years, our hotel has been an icon of the Miami skyline and a keeper of art in unexpected places, from the antique Florentine marble, covering the entire exterior and interior of the property to the LED digital canvases throughout the hotel and on the exterior of the building. The Hotel continues to incorporate the arts through the use of technology and pop-up galleries throughout the lobby to provide a cultural experience to guests.

Born February 28, 2024 "Miami's Icon" public art display stands 20' long for all to enjoy.

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Miami Public Art Display

February 28, 2024 

The iconic InterContinental Miami hotel has been a bastion for art since the day it opened its doors forty years ago. In the last decade the property has rose to prominence as a premiere hotel dedicated to preserving and celebrating art in many forms, from traditional and modern paintings to abstract sculpture, digital and multimedia. In fact, for close to ten years its dazzling digital tower has been an artistic beacon, dancing against Miami’s sparkling nighttime cityscape.

 Recently added to the hotel’s impressive, publicly accessible art collection is "MIAMI's ICON" by famed sculptor Noel Santiesteban. This beautiful sculpture, measuring 20 feet in length and 6 feet in height and commissioned by the hotel, is perfectly positioned outside the property adjacent to the pedestrian path overlooking gorgeous Biscayne Bay. “If our hotel is an extension of this one-of-a-kind city then Noel’s piece is an extension of this hotel and is much a tribute to the City of Miami as it is a unique artistic expression of its creator,” noted hotel general manager Glenn Sampert. The blue curve evokes the waters of the surrounding bay and its bold colors. The I in Miami replicates the InterContinental’s logo and represents just how much a part of the city our hotel is. We are so happy to have Noel’s work among our collection and we will continue to embrace our mission of keeping art alive in the Magic City.

Sculptor - Noel Santiesteban 

Commissioned by - InterContinental Miami

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