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InterContinental Miami Staff Picks

  • planetarium

    Enter a Whole New World at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

    April 01

    In 2015, one of Miami’s greatest hubs of curiosity closed its doors. However, there’s no need to mourn as this closure was more of a massive renovation and relocation. The result is the 250,00 square-foot waterfront Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Located just one mile away from InterContinental Miami, this science hub is a must-see attraction for the whole family.

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  • freedom tower in Miami

    Freedom Tower:
    The Ellis Island of the South

    March 04

    You may have seen it on a Miami Heat broadcast — sprouting up from Biscayne Boulevard, bathed in rich, colorful lights. However, this building is more than an architectural curiosity; it’s a piece of history, unique among the city’s dazzling glass landscape.

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