InterContinental Miami New Media Digital Arts Program

Fostering Innovation In The Arts

When you enter the Grand Lobby at InterContinental Miami, you'll witness one of the most significant sculptures in the country, The Spindle by Henry Moore. With a location in Downtown Miami, the ever-growing center point of Miami's Arts and Technology scene, our Miami luxury hotel has always aims to expose people to the arts. Our hotel near Biscayne Bay is an icon of the Miami skyline, designed by renowned architect Pietro Belluschi.

The 70-ton marble Spindle was commissioned specifically for InterContinental, and the Grand Lobby was built entirely around it. Our Miami hotel's artistic vision was once again brought to life in 2012, with a $30 million renovation that included a new digital arts space in the lobby and exterior of the building. The InterContinental Miami New Media Digital Arts Program features innovative design and technology installations. The lobby's lights transform throughout the day, eliciting colors that affect the afternoon or morning's mood. We help enhance creativity, innovation, and collaboration through the rapid evolution of technology.

As a major part of Miami’s growing arts community, InterContinental Miami is always eager to explore new relationships with artists and organizations. For more information, or to submit a proposal for consideration, please contact the hotel’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Whitney McLees, at

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